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Why Solar Home / Why Solar


Once you've made up your mind to get off the electricity retailer's rate-hike roller coaster, switching to solar power is really simple. You say "Yes!" to choosing solar power, and we'll do the rest from home solar installation to maintenance and more.

But first you're wondering, "how does solar power work?" Glad you asked! It's a perfect place to start when you're thinking about how to go solar, because even though AUSTRALIAN SURFACE SOLAR takes care of everything from property assessment to installation and flipping the on-switch, we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. Understanding how solar works can help.

1.  Solar Panels

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight to direct current electricity (DC electricity). As long as rays are hitting your roof your panels are converting solar radiation into DC electricity. However, in order to get the kind of power needed to turn the lights on in your living room, you'll need an inverter.

2.  Inverter

The inverter is a device that takes the DC electricity produced by your solar panels and turns it into alternating current electricity (AC electricity). It's typically installed on an exterior wall of your house beside your meter box, or in the garage.

3.  Main Electricity meter

Solar electricity from your inverter flows to the main electric meter/smart meter (TOU meter), and then into your home where it powers your lights and appliances. Or, if you generate more solar energy than you use, it flows into the grid/ battery storage.

4.  Battery storage

Battery storage works to save excess of your solar production during the day for use at night. This is more cost effective than selling it back to your retailer during the day at a cheaper rate. Battery systems can also be configured to provide power in an outage. Our consultants can help you pick the right one for you

5.  Net meter

The net meter measures the amount of electricity you draw from the grid, and how much excess solar electricity you push into it.So when you use less electricity than you make, you get credit from your electricity retailer. It sounds pretty sweet, right?


Do you believe in Climate Change ?

Science has now proven that emissions and greenhouse gases are affecting the ozone layer. You can reduce the carbon footprints by going solar instead of relying on non-renewable sources like fossil fuels, gas and oil because solar energy is safe, clean and renewable.

Tired of paying Electricity Bills?

You are relying on your electricity retailer when you use electricity from the grid. If rate hikes, all you can do is pay the higher rates. But when you invest in solar power, you can reduce or eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels and traditional sources of electricity. This will help you to reduce electricity cost so that you save more money and still live comfortably in your home powered by solar energy.

Do you think Solar is too expensive?

When solar energy systems were first introduced, the cost of these systems were so exponentially high that the average home owner could not afford to invest into the new technology. Now that these technologies have matured, going solar is much more affordable. In addition to this, the government is offering rebate to home owners who wish to take plunge into.

Desired to aid your Community?

By generating your own energy, you can benefit your community and the economy around you if you love your community and want to see it prosper and grow. Not only will it help to create jobs, but also support towards providing cheaper power to your neighbours.

Do you want your house to be Eco Friendly?

The fruition of harnessing solar power is one of the most amazing advancement in technology. For those who are thinking of building their home with the thought of implementing eco-friendly amenities, investing in solar energy and getting solar panels installed is one of the smartest things you can do. Sure, these things come with a bit of a price tag but this investment will return in your pocket eventually.

Have you heard about Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)?

This government initiative aims to encourage an increase in the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources. When you purchase an eligible solar power, the government will give you a number of STCs (small-scale technology certificates). These STCs can then be exchanged with Australian Surface Solar for a solar system discount.